Bespoke Animated & Corporate Video services

At DNA, we offer animated and corporate video services in Kathmandu. Visual storytelling is the new way to communicate in this digital world.  The consumer’s low attention span makes it harder for the brand to make a mark. Our team empowers companies by producing the best quality video content for their website, products or services. We help our partner companies to attract and engage more prospects from your targeted audience and improving their digital presence. We utilize powerful video production tools to offer you unmatched services including streamlining and centralizing of your workflow, convenient management of content, fast transcoding along with a robust customization of the video player for your website. Not only video marketing improves your SEO score, it is also a great tool to help the brand to interact across social media.

Why video marketing
is important for you?

Higher Engagement: Including a video in your marketing campaign automatically increases your audience’s engagement with your brand. Video defines a personality to the brand and is easier to connect with.

Rank Higher on Google: Google encourages video content in its search results and itself incorporates the more video content. Hence, it gives your video content higher leverage in the search results as a web page with video is 50x more likely to appear on the first page of Google.

Improve Email Open Rates and Click-Through rates: Trend has witnessed that an email subject with “video” included results to 2-3x higher open rate than the others. The team at DNA specializes in increasing the footfall on the landing page by adding the video to the e-mailer.

High Viral Property: Videos are more likely to go viral through social media and create higher reach for the brand. When coupled with our Social Media Marketing strategy, brands yield high ROI for their campaigns.