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SEO Stands for search engine optimization. With the increasing competition in the search engines it is necessary for your website to secure top ranking in the search result and it can be done through search engine optimization. A good SEO helps your website to gain organic high ranking placement in SERP so that the audience searching for the brand can see the service that your brand offers. Our experienced team of SEO strategists are proven to improve off page and on-page components for your website, increasing traffic and driving higher conversions.

  1. Strategic SEO Objectives
  2. Keyword Research and Integration
  3. Link Building
  4. Website Structure and Architecture Optimization
  5. Competitor Analysis
  6. Optimized Content Strategy
  7. Measuring SEO Success
  8. Segular Optimization

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We are constantly ranked as best SEO services company as we helped numerous companies secure top rankings in search engines with our "no one size fits all" approach. We believe every website is unique and laydown a tailored SEO approach specific to that website. We follow different methodologies for different websites depending upon the age of domain, number of pages, and content density on pages etc. Our bespoke SEO solutions focuses on developing multiple aspects in the website which would help it to rank better, we were instrumental in increasing domain authority and ranking some of the new websites with a stipulated time period. We are an SEO agency where we always put our clients first, and choose keywords which are in line with the company goals and objectives. Let’s understand how the art of SEO is channelized to our client's website in a strategic process.

Intelligence Driven
SEO Company

As a leading SEO & digital marketing company we lay critical emphasis on Intelligence before we formulate an SEO strategy. We do extensive research on competitors and brands to measure competition and understand if the digital collateral's of the brand are capable to accomplish their online goals. Once we identify strengths and weaknesses of a website, we start off with actionable insights drafting websites on page architecture, content strategy, back-link strategy, competitor analysis, performance trends, internal linking, sitemaps, etc. We research and intelligence is derived from the combination of industries best SEO tools and manual knowledge that we acquired over the years as a leading SEO agency. We publish these SEO research documents with our client's to educate the plan of action and build digital strategy.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research &
Actionable Insights

Keywords set the course for SEO strategy. Miscalculation or choosing the wrong keyword would result in colossal loss of time and money, hence understanding your company’s business goals and your competitor’s digital strength is critical for the success in organic search. Our bespoke SEO solutions are designed to address all these critical aspects and we do a deep-dive exploration of keywords and identify the right set of keywords aligning your company goals and authority of your website. Critical emphasis is laid on identifying the volume of intent in search queries, keyword relevancy, local keywords for local SEO, keyword portfolio’s like long tail, short tail and how they will influence the  paid (PPC/SEM) campaigns in long run for the company. These actionable insights are critical for the execution and setting up goals & milestones to monitor search engine ranking results.

Setting Direction
With Technical SEO

At DNA, a team of SEO experts conduct technical audit with an extensive check list to optimize the functioning of website and increase the visibility for search engines like Google, Bing, etc. With the combination of top seo tools and manual processes we identify and correct some of the on page issues like crawl issues, information architecture issues, h-tagging, structured data, rich snippets, schema, internal linking, crawl errors and inconsistencies, index status, page load speed, sitemaps, image optimization, plagiarized content, social integration, open graph, twitter cards, sub domains, URL structure, deep link ratio, link velocity, etc. Our best SEO services will help you unleash your website to be barrier-free and help it to demonstrate value and integrity to search engines.

Mobilising With
Content Marketing

Quality content with right set of keywords is the key to success of your company's website in search engines. Quality content is more than writing a good copy, it’s about incorporating all the aspects, right keywords and making it audience and search engine friendly. At DNA, our best SEO services & robust content strategy is based on gathering data, analysis of research and user-based insights on the company website and its core competitors. Quality link building is another paramount factor for your company’s success in organic search. Hence, we follow a content-driven approach and deploy numerous strategies like blogging, influencer marketing, digital PR and social amplification etc. to help our client’s website fare well in search engines.

With Analytics

Analytics form an integral part of our bespoke SEO services, We set tracking mechanisms and frameworks to gauge performance indicators. We capture the analytics and constantly publish the performance to our clients. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is made up of ever-changing algorithms and it’s constantly evolving. It’s critical to be knowledgeable of the changes and dynamics to incorporate. We keep our clients informed about the latest updates and take pride in not only educating on the operational model of SEO but also equip them with information that helps them gauge and leverage an opportunity whenever it is required. This transparency is the reason why we are rated one of the leading SEO services company in Kathmandu

Google Search

Losing Ranking In
SERP, We Can Help

When a website is stuck by Google penalty you will see a sudden dip in your organic search rankings. This happens when you try to manipulate SERP's with blackhat techniques, either by manipulating links or over-optimizing content. Ideally, there are three types of penalties from Google- Penguin, Panda or Manual penalty. With our knowledge and SEO expertise, we execute a deep exploration audit on your company’s website . We will help you diagnose the penalty and how you are penalized. At DNA, we only follow organic and genuine SEO practices, and lay a roadmap to overcome with organic and genuine content practices helping your website to win back ranking and traffic related Services

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