Bespoke Influencer Marketing Company

DNA is a Influencer Marketing Agency with operations in Kathmandu. We’ve been forefront in digital evolution building digital eminence to our partner companies with our innovative digital campaigns. Our design thinking helped brands achieve remarkable goals by solving complex problems with integrated digital strategy. We delivered scale-able bespoke digital solutions in a plethora of industries around the globe combining our creative and digital capabilities. We are client obsessed and form an extension of your team making us one of the best digital marketing agencies to work with.

Why DNA for influencer maketing

At DNA, we understand that matching the influencers is the key for the success of Influencer Marketing. We formulate innovative strategies to match influencers and ensure that they are relevant to the brand, and are capable to deliver the required message. We bid on the shortlisted social media influencer to get the maximum ROI and create customized content which matches to the tone of the influencers. We have a defined process in place to publish and track the promoted posts and gauge the effectiveness of the campaigns. We complement the influencer with our ideas and try to accentuate the reach and conversations.

Is Influencer marketing right for my business?

If executed well, it can be the most powerful marketing campaign which creates viral conversations for the brand. It completes the digital marketing circle with organic conversations which are difficult to achieve with the frequent algorithm changes in social media portals. There are different options to start advertising in influencer marketing and some of the popular options are Sponsored Blog post, Sponsored shares, Sponsored Posts, Sponsored Video, Celebrity sponsorships, Product sampling, etc. With so many options to connect with audience and drive conversations and word of mouth for the product/service, we recommend this to be incorporated into your digital marketing strategy. 

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